The following guidelines should be reviewed by the family member in charge of the welfare of the children whose mother succumbed to her Stage 4 Breast Cancer after having participated in our LESLIE'S WEEK Vacations Away From Cancer. It is the responsibility of the family to apply for Educational Assistance when their child graduates from high school and gains acceptance to an institution of higher learning up to a 4 year Bachelor's Degree; College, University, Trade School.

Eligible children, whose mother have succumbed to her disease, must have attended the LESLIE'S WEEK Vacations Away from Cancer with their mother.

Eligible children are 12 years old or younger at the time they attend the Vacations Away From Cancer. The Candidate Authorization Form completed by their mother serves as entry into our LESLIE'S KIDS Educational Assistance Fund database.  

Eligible children must graduate from high school, or have an equivalent degree, and submit a letter of acceptance from an institution of higher learning. Their submissions must include a cover letter sharing their plans and vision for their future, a description of their needs to continue their education, and the Memories they have of their Vacation Away from Cancer with their mother. The Educational submission must be received for review on or before June 1 of the year of graduation. Upon request, each candidate is sent a LESLIE'S KIDS Form and Application to complete. The award is in the Mother's name and delivered directly to the designated school. (NOTE: The submission date is subject to change.)

The LESLIE'S WEEK Board of Directors reviews the applicants and submits a response letter for Educational Assistance from the LESLIE'S KIDS Educational Fund within 60 days from receipt of all paperwork.

The amount of Educational Assistance is based on available donated funds with the base amount being $1,000. This may increase for students whose application exhibits extraordinary passion and talent. This award may be renewable annually after presenting a verified GPA with a cover letter requesting additional financial support. 

These Guidelines are in development, subject to change, and are periodically updated. Each successful applicant is contacted for an interview, video, photos, and are announced on our website in our LESLIE'S KIDS Center of Distinction (coming soon).


Revised 1/2018