LESLIE'S WEEK spends its donations on Fun and Happiness. Our Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer women and their families have vacations when they need it the most, NOW! We believe in TODAY! This is what distinguishes LESLIE'S WEEK. 

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A few ideas:

We want our donors to contribute what is best for them. They may choose one of the donation tiers we know will help our families the most, OR, they may contribute directly to the cause by donating any amount on our DONATE tab.

FUN & GAMES SPONSOR, $200This sponsorship goes towards Entertainment tickets for Theater Venues, Amusement Parks, Restaurants, Outdoor Activities, and Amenity Packages, 

NIGHT OUT SPONSOR, $100 - This sponsorship goes towards restaurant gift-cards for meals when dining out.

SPLURGE SPONSOR, $50 - This sponsorship goes towards a heap of something wonderful for the family so they may take Fun & Happiness home with them!


We would like to thank the following individuals for their Fun and Happiness donations:

2014 to 2016

Corey McCarthy, Sandra Gunn in HONOR of all Stage 4 breast cancer women, Ani Chang in HONOR of Sandra Gunn, Ana Rivera of JAR STUDIO whose countless donated hours of graphic design has distinguished LESLIE'S WEEK, Taylor Newman of Tay's Sweet Cakes, Salient Solutions Inc., Ruth Day in HONOR of Victoria Day, The McKeever Family and Woodmac Inc. in HONOR of Charity, Tommy DeCoff, Stephen Gunn in HONOR of Sofie the Gardner, Elizabeth Lewis, Dr. R. Buras of the AAMC Breast Center, Amy Chase A SURVIVOR in HONOR of Carol J. Chase my beloved mother, Edith Connelly in HONOR of Timothy Connelly, Mr. Dakus Gunn in HONOR of his mother Sandra Gunn, Christine Williams a birthday gift for Corey, Rebecca Burns a birthday gift or Corey, Krista Sweet a birthday gift for Corey, Robin Heneghan a birthday gift for Corey, Janina Pulido - Relationship Manager at First Republic Bank gifted Corey for her birthday, Jenny Nelson a birthday gift for Corey, Taylor Newman a birthday gift for Corey, Diane Christman in HONOR of Blanche Judice, Terri and Michael Howard in HONOR of their daughter Renee Mundell, whose family was the LESLIE'S WEEK, August 2014 candidate, Rita Pistorio in HONOR of Sandra (Wonder Woman) Gunn, Angie Hill, Mary Trujillo in HONOR of Jeni, Christian Sann-Merfield and Mike Merfield, owners of 2 Dogs Treats, in HONOR of All the brave women and their families, Cynthia Zucker, Julia Stommes in HONOR of her Aunt Mary Jane who is battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer, Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Anna Mae Mitchell in HONOR of Renee Mundell our 2014 LESLIE'S WEEK family, Karen and Gene Faul for our Snowflake Gala, Mike Shaw/Google in HONOR of all the courageous women who fight breast cancer, BABYDOT, Inc., Mike Shaw/Google for airline tickets for the Michelle Mo family to fly from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale on June 28, 2015 for their family vacation! Ani Chang's donation to a limousine service for the Michelle Mo's family B OCEAN Hotel vacation, Mike Shaw/Google in HONOR of Corey McCarthy's birthday, Kim Pillinger in HONOR of Lynn Hahn, Mr. and Mrs. Dave & Joan Barrett in HONOR of April Brown, Ms. Naomi Golden in HONOR of Losa Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Jean Palin in HONOR of Melissa Burke, Ms. Nicole Maxwell in HONOR of Stage 4 breast cancer women, The GunnMen in HONOR of Kelly Schwartz, Janie Click in HONOR of her daughter Bridgett, Mark Gaisser in HONOR of the LESLIE'S WEEK 2015 families, James Kayon, Erin Munoz in HONOR of her sister Kelly Schwartz, Serenity Fitness Boutique and Nicole Lipka in HONOR of all Stage 4 Breast Cancer Women, Kelly Schwartz in HONOR of "My fellow LESLIE'S WEEK Moms and their families", Corey McCarthy in HONOR if Heather Swann, Corey McCarthy in HONOR of Melissa Burke, Lea Crandell in HONOR of Melissa Burke, Leslie Binko in HONOR of Melissa Burke, Heather Anderson in HONOR of Sandra Gunn, Leslie Coleman in HONOR of Heather Swann and her 3 children who Leslie showered with Christmas gifts, Buffy Butrim & Fat Boy in HONOR of Melissa Burke and her son CJ Burke who Buffy showered with Christmas gifts, Michelle Warren in HONOR of Kelly Schwartz and her son Shane who Michelle showered with Christmas gifts, Sandra Gunn & the GunnMen in HONOR of Michelle Mo and her 2 children, Vicki and Derrick, who the Gunn family showered with Christmas gifts, Phuong Trong Nguyen in HONOR of Melissa Burke, Nancy Crumbacker in HONOR of Melissa Burke, Nancy Singleton in HONOR of Melissa Burke, TEAM SMILE members: Abigail Conrado, CEO; Maria Hernandez, VP Finance; Osiris Ruiz, VP Design; Carly Hernandez, VP Manufacturing; Kiki Brabo, VP Marketing; Katya Morales, VP Sales - ALL Middle School winners of the Bizworld Riskmaster competition donating 10% of their winning proceeds to LESLIE'S WEEK, Dakus and Hyo Sil Gunn in HONOR of Sandra Gunn, Michael Shaw in HONOR of Sara Wozney, Robert Hobson in HONOR of Every Mom Who Lives for Their Children, Rachelle Synoracki, Marc Raygoza in HONOR of Mary Alice Raygoza, Inge Fauter in Honor of All women suffering with this dreaded disease, Dan Catullo in HONOR of all the Stage 4 Women and their Memories that outlast Cancer, Nicole Lipka, Chris Carlson in HONOR of his mother Jean Carlson, Steve DiMercurio, St. Michaels Marina, LLC, Alissa Santoro-Brodie Management Inc., Mike Shaw/Google Benevity in HONOR of the 2016 Stage 4 Breast Cancer women & their families, Donna Reilly/Molly Maid, William Wozney/Thomas Reuters in HONOR of Sara Balaker, Kathleen Walsh in HONOR of Dyanne Barnes, Shannon Jones in HONOR of Dyanne Barnes, Kathy Sims in HONOR of Shirley Stakely, Kathleen Zylka in HONOR of Dyanne Barnes, Kenneth Earll in HONOR of Dyanne Barnes, T. David Cox, Richmond International, in HONOR of Dyanne Barnes, John & Laura Cavanaugh in HONOR of Dyanne Barnes, Christina Boyle in HONOR of Dyanne Barnes, Edie Segree, Maria Sears in HONOR of Dyanne Duffy Barnes in Memory of a Special co-worker at American Airlines, Linda Landon, Brian Vavrina, Kellie Wilkerson, John Smith, Tracey & Brad Fye & Freestate Title Services of Annapolis, Jo Anne Musgrove, Sarah White, Sandra Lofgren-Sargent, Roxanne Marsh in HONOR of all those fighting the "good" fight", Caren Bach, Sandra Ashby in HONOR of Olivia Peeke, Eduard Vaykher, Buffy & State Farm, Peach Underneath, Inc., Beth Kopicki in HONOR of the friendship of Heather Anderson & Jessica Grim, Thompson Reuters, Dan and Tammy Hager


Josh Klinghoffer & The Red Hot Chili Peppers to HONOR all Stage 4 MBC women, Desiree Asher in HONOR of LESLIE'S KIDS Educational Fund, The Painted Cottage, Erin Hoover & Daniel Gallagher in HONOR of Dyanne Buffy Barnes, WOODMAC, INC. in HONOR of LESLIE'S KIDS Educational Fund, Libra Group In HONOR of LESLIE'S KIDS Educational Fund, Thompson Reuters, The GoodCoin Foundation, Jeffrey DiCicco, Thompson Reuters, Dan Catullo and The City Drive Group, Heather Anderson, Jennifer Bolander in HONOR of Heather Janssen, Cheri Pajuluoma Recurring Donation, Linda Bloodworth, Hilary Newsom in HONOR of Tessa Newsom, Molly Edwards, Krista Sweet, John Wilkinson in HONOR of Donna Watkins, Katherine McHargue, Heather & James Anderson, Lesley & Jeremy Roberts, Peter Kapinos in HONOR of Donna M. Watkins, Ani Chang in HONOR of Donna Watkins, Ani Chang in HONOR of Michelle Mo, Ani Chang in HONOR of APRIL BROWN, LOSA TODD, MELISSA BURKE, NICOLETTE RICCI SWABBY, DYANNE BARNES, and COURTNEY LASATER, Maryland Soccer Referees in HONOR of Donna Watkins, Sandra Gunn in HONOR of MICHELLE MO, DONNA WATKINS, MELISSA BURKE, NICOLETTE RICCI SWABBY, DYANNE BARNES, APRIL BROWN, Christina Prettyman in HONOR of Paca House Fundraising Event, Ani Chang in HONOR of Jenifer Hund, Cheri Pajuluoma, Jamie Carr, Katherine Claire Wilhelm, The GoodCoin Foundation, Donna Reilly, Tracey Fye, Renee May, Janet L. Sturis, Lisa Zubrowski, Dee Williams-Cowing, Mariela Baker, Lacey Stelle, Molly Maid Annapolis, Sandra Gunn, Michele Furno , Dan Surtz & Fusion Team, Cynthia Franzoni,  Janet Sturis, Jamie Carr, Katherine Claire Wilhelm, Ani Chang, Ani Chang, John Wilkinson, Heather and James Anderson, Mark Maxwell in HONOR of LESLIE'S KIDS, Jody Dalton in HONOR of LESLIE'S KIDS, Laura Rhodes, Brodie Management, Erin Hoover, Daniel Gallagher, Dakus Gunn, L'Oreal Paris USA, The Geaton & JoAnn DeCesaris Family Foundation, James and Cynthia Franzoni, Lisa and Daniel Zubrowski, Heather Anderson, Daniel Catullo, Young Baker, Sandra Lofgren-Sargent,Elaine Bundy in HONOR of Matt & Elizabeth Barnes, Stephen Gunn in HONOR of LESLIE'S KIDS, Jeffrey Buck in HONOR of The Barnes Family, Christine Stambaugh in HONOR of The Barnes Family, Andrew Walsh in HONOR of The Wedding of Matt Barnes & Liz Blalock, Johan de Vicu in HONOR of Marsha Leach, 


IN HONOR OF Hippodrome Theater Baltimore STOMP 4STAGE4 BREAST CANCER WOMEN: Karen Anderson, Donna Reilly, Sandra Rowlett, Georgene Feather, Philip Gardner, Sharon Phillips, Karri Maxwell, Erin Jaeger, Rene May, Eileen Raff, Ani Chang, Heather Anderson, Corey McCarthy, Karen Smith, Dmitri Gunn & Thassia Robetti, Stephen Gunn, Ian & Jessie Hawes, Nicloe & Mark Maxwell, Jacquie Fauter-MacConnell, Dakus Gunn, Tracey Fye, Kathy Swann, Sandra & Kelly Bussard, Sandra Gunn, Sharon Harvey, Elaine Ward, JoAnne Musgrove, Susan Gardner, Lawrence Kovacs III, Nancy Smedley, Donald Harrison, Jackie McArdle & John Lonergran, Susan Deneven, Peter & Valeria Hawes, Lisa Byrd, Salvatore Fumo, Kim & Jeff Weir, Julie Blamphin, Karen & Scott Reiner, Kristen Hart, Matt Farrell, Caren Bloomberg, Jeff Martin, Brodie Management, Inc., Laura Rhodes.                                           

We thank Dan Catullo and Landmarks Live in Concert for their 2017 contribution with the Gaudenzio Roveda family for a night at the Acropolis in Greece with the Foo Fighters!

We thank the following small businesses for their extraordinary outreach and contributions to our Stage 4 Breast Cancer Families:

“Our philosophy is simple. We see things differently. We’re not satisfied with just being good. Creativity Takes Courage, so we always push beyond the familiar.” Ani Chang

We are Fresh – We are doing things differently and constantly challenging ourselves to create and improve; taking a new approach to business, to customer service, to product development, and to our communications with you. Isn’t that refreshing?

We are Relevant – We combine excitement and practicality. We stay ahead of trends, honor cultures and welcome challenges. We offer applicable, real solutions – now that’s relevant.

We are Conscious – We know you’re there. We hear you.  We promise to keep our finger on your pulse and meet your needs, we promise to stay aware and never take you for granted.


LESLIE’S WEEK thanks Donna Reilly for partnering with us to provide a free cleaning service every two weeks for the Melissa Burke family and other Stage 4 Breast Cancer Women in the future. Melissa succumbed to her Stage 4 Breast Cancer, which metastasized to her brain, liver and bones.

We are thankful for small business women like Donna who open their generous hearts for our Stage 4 women. 

Melissa Burke - 02/27/1975 to 01/09/2016

Contact: Donna J. Reilly, Owner, 410-349-8080
Website: Molly Maid of Arundel County, MD

“Sometimes those who give the most are the ones with the least to spare.”   

- Mike McIntyre