A Day of "Healing, Empowering, And Restoring Together"

Your wife and the mother of your children is diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It grows to Stage 4 and metastasizes to her lungs, brain, bones or liver. She is no longer the glue that holds the family together; household duties, shopping, laundry, clothes & lunches for your children, driving kids to school and after school activities, holding down that second job that helps pay the mortgage and other necessities. 

You drive her to her appointments with surgeons, oncologists, chemo and radiation treatments. You hold her when she falls. You pick up the slack in all she did for the family. Your company decides you have missed too much work and you are laid off. Your savings and other investments are diminished or depleted in your efforts to keep your wife alive. Your family financials are Toxic. You find 2 jobs to keep the bills paid and you spend time consoling your children.

Your Stage 4 Breast Cancer wife is experiencing unimaginable pain, discomfort, negatively reacting to therapies and prescription drugs, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, as you watch her gradually succumb to this horrific disease. You check her into Hospice. You sit with her as long as possible. When you are away driving your children to school and working your job/s your life is filled with sorrow and worry. She dies while you are holding her hand and telling her how much you love her. You bury her. Your family and friends comfort you. Then they return to their lives. You are alone and you know no husband who has been through your experience. You have no one to talk to, to share your sorrow who will understand what you have experienced. You are isolated.

The HEART4HUSBANDS National Director, Matthew Barnes, and Dr. Christopher Spittler are the moderators for this wonderful group of men. Matt experienced with his deceased wife Dyanne, all our LESLIE'S WEEK husbands have experienced. Dr. Spittler is a renown breast implant surgeon who knows Stage 4 Breast Cancer women on their emotional levels. LESLIE'S WEEK and H4H begin this journey to lift the souls of husbands out of isolation. They will no longer be alone.

Our first annual HEART4HUSBANDS Circle of Men is taking place at the DreamMore Resort on August 6, 2018. The program will be developed into a National H4H cause for these forgotten men in the Stage 4 Breast Cancer community. More to come and more to share. ONWARD>>>

“Life is eternal, love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”  
- Rossiter Worthington Raymond