The Niece

Hello Sandra,

Today has truly been full of surprises and tears. Both good and bad. This morning I was told by my OBGYN that I have a tumor in my left breast. She assured me that it is most likely benign due to my age. However, she has referred me to a specialist to have it taken out surgically and biopsied due to my family history.

I left her office and went to work pretty much in a daze. I Googled my aunt Leslie just so I could see her face for some strength and comfort. To my surprise, I came across more than that. I found your foundation. I found my Aunt Leslie! What you and your team have done is utterly beautiful. Of all the years you have been doing this, I happen to come across it today. Of all days.

She was more than just an aunt to me. She was my kindred spirit. My love for art came from her along with my stubbornness. She always encouraged my "bad" behavior. Even though that drove my Dad (her brother) crazy! Even when she was in the hospice, she tried to make me stay at my Florida vacation and not to worry about her. She didn't want to ruin my fun. How silly, right!? But that just further proves what kind of person she was. 

So while I was already speechless - What blew me away even more, was that Carol, her nurse, helped you get it started. Carol is also my aunt on my mothers side. Life is crazy sometimes.

My sister has already written you today as well but I can't thank you enough for keeping Aunt Leslie's spirit and tenacity alive! As cliche as it is, the bad really does come with the good. I feel comforted knowing I have a guardian angel looking out for me. No matter the outcome of the results, I hope to be half of the woman she was.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for these women and their families.

All my best,

Beth McMahon