4 Stages

Breast cancer appears in 4 Stages and the identification of the stage determines the best way to contain and eliminate the cancer. The stage is determined by the size of the tumor within the breast, the number of lymph nodes affected, and signs indicating whether the cancer has invaded other parts of the body.

Stage I - This lowest numbered stage represent the earliest detection of breast cancer development. At Stage I, the cancer cells are confined to a very limited area.


Stage II - Stage 2 breast cancer remains in the earlier stages. There is evidence the cancer has begun to grow or spread. It is still contained within the breast area and is generally very effectively treated.

Stage III - Stage 3 breast cancer is considered advanced cancer with evidence of cancer invading surrounding tissues near the breast.

Stage IV, INVASIVE - Stage 4 breast cancer indicates the cancer has spread beyond the breast to other areas of the body, such as lungs, liver, brain, and bones. This is the most advanced form of Breast Cancer.

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LESLIE'S WEEK will give these families this moment of their lives.

4 Stages.