Stage 4

I thought Stage 4 was located in Hollywood at Twentieth Century Fox. And then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I learned that Stage 4 was not an entertainment place. Its mention by a doctor takes the wind out of your sails and leaves you breathless and gasping for oxygen.

What does it mean to have Stage 4 breast cancer?

Stage 4 breast cancer means that the cancer has spread to other areas of the body, such as the brain, bones, lungs and liver. It has metastasized. This is the most serious breast cancer stage and in most cases is considered incurable. However, current advances in research and medical technology mean that more and more women are living longer by treating the disease as a chronic condition. With excellent care and support, as well as personal motivation, Stage 4 breast cancer may respond to a number of treatment options that can extend life for several years.


Get that, "for several years". These several years are the most intense, reflective, and loving time in a woman's life - with her family, children, husband, mother, grandchildren, friends, sisters, brothers, partners. During these years Stage 4 women are never free from the effects of cancer. Their lives are moving in one direction with few detours on the road.

Our LESLIE'S WEEK women and their families will have a vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains that is stress free and filled with the wonder of nature. They will wake up to the music of birds and fall asleep to singing crickets. This will be their detour.

Stage 4.